Setting up your Outlook Express

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  1. Open Outlook Express next

  2. Open your tools menu and go to Internet accounts next

  3. Click add new mail account next

  4. You will be prompted to put your name here next

  5. Now you will be asked to put your email address eg; "" click next

  6. You will now see Email server names. Here you will enter "" for both incoming mail (pop) and outgoing mail (smtp) next

  7. You will now see the box to enter your alias name or the user name and password.

  8. You are now finished with the main setup next to finish

  9. The email server requires authentication so go to the tools menu and click on accounts.

  10. You should now see the account you created; highlight the "" and click properties.

  11. Now click the servers tab then check the box that states "My server requires authentication".  Click apply then ok...  you're done


For account holders who are switching from the old  mail server to the new mail server, just follow steps 9 through 11.

If you are having any problems in setting up outlook or outlook express, you can call "email help" @ 407-718-8387